• Lasitaiteilija Kirsti Taiviola ja Tapiolan seurakunnan tilaama kastetaideteos.

        PAJU (Willow) Paju is a baptismal artwork* commissioned for Tapiola church. A hand-blown glass lens casts a light projection on the wall resembling the foliage of a tree. In the shelter of the foliage is a tree branch cast in bronze, on which the names of baptized children are hung written on paper […]

  • Kenno_by-Kirsti-Taiviola_photo_Vili-Sallinen_1-1

        KENNO Installation at ”Opintoputki” -tunnel in the Helsinki University Metro Station Hand blown glass, leds, custom-made luminaires 2021   The Kenno light artwork is an exploration on a hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the undulating surface of the Opintoputki tunnel. At the entrance to the tunnel, the pattern rises towards the roof in a […]

  • Auringon laulu_Taiviola2021

        AURINGON LAULU – SOLSÅNGEN (Canticle of the Sun) Altarpiece for Söderkulla Church in Sipoo, Finland Hand blown glass & steel h: 11 m, w: 1,5 m, d: 0,2m 2021 The coloring and the color composition of the altarpiece is based on nature pictures collected from the members of the parish that were invited […]

  • Loisto_Verkko-1

        LOISTO Light installation with bespoke luminaires & hand blown glass lenses Unique projections on the facades of the 8 buildings in Aleksanterinkaari area (Work in process, estimated to be finished late 2022) Location: Porvoo, Finland 2018 ->  

  • Echo_by_Kirsti_Taiviola photo Kai_Lindvall

      ECHO / SEASONS 4 different light projections with bespoke luminaires & hand blown glass lenses Unique projections on the restrooms in Finavia Helsinki-Vantaa airport, T2 Collaboration with PesArk Oy Client: Finavia Oyj Location: Vantaa, Finland 2019 Photo: Kai Lindvall

  • Wuxi_Grand_Theatre-foyer

          WUXI GRAND THEATRE Glass wall of the main foyer of Wuxi Grand Theatre. Collaboration with Pes-Ark Oy. The wall consists of approx. 17000 pces of pressed glass blocks. The theatre was opened in 2012. More info: https://www.pesark.com/wuxigrandtheatre.html  

  • Echos_Rupla

          OUT OF THE BOX Echo wall lamps in Rupla Kallio 8.-23.11.2016, Helsinki, Finland 2016    

  • Elemis-spa-London_honeycomb

          HOUSE OF ELEMIS LONDON Bespoke lighting for the treatment rooms of the House of Elemis, London 2014