Kirsti Taiviola (MA) is a Helsinki-based designer who enjoys darkness only because it can be filled with light. Her professional background is rooted in glass material and the mesmerizing optic material has led her to work with light. Since the early millennia Taiviola has developed a method of producing glass lenses that enable her to direct light beams into patterns and figures on different surfaces. Her creations are merging LEDs and traditional craftsmanship together into subtle “light-beam drawings”  – as she likes to call them. Along with bespoke pieces, one-offs and works of art Taiviola has designed lamps utilizing the lenses for e.g. Cariitti Oy and Artemide S.p.A.. Kirsti Taiviola also teaches regularly in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.


Contact: Kirsti Taiviola / +358407008543 / kirsti@sula.fi

Studio: Hämeentie 27 B, 00500 Helsinki (by appointment only)

Instagram: #kirstitaiviola