• Kehrä-7_photoVesaLaitinen

        KEHRÄ  (THE SPINDLE) MATERIAL: mixed media (mold blown glass, leds, photographs, printed work instructions on paper) YEAR: 2017-2019   KEHRÄ-project begun from a will to evidence the part of the year when days become longer and we shift from darkness to light. During 21.12.2017-21.6.2018 I got up every morning to capture the sunrise and […]

  • Tunnistaminen – Recognition_photoVesaLaitinen-1

        RECOGNITION MATERIAL: Discarded glass pieces from a production of mold blown objects. 2021 Photo: Vesa Laitinen  

  • Lasinpuhaltajien kattaus-2_photoVesaLaitinen

        GLASSBLOWERS’ SETTING – THE STARTERS The work reflects on the essence of handcrafted glassmaking and the relationship between an idea and implementation in the design process. 10 Finnish professional glassblowers were asked to realize three objects I designed: a plate, a pitcher and a goblet. Each glassblower received same instructions for the work. […]

  • Tiimalasi_photoVesaLaitinen

        Approx. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 poises MATERIAL: Borosilicate & Optiwhite glass 2021 Photo: Vesa Laitinen    

  • Mehutauko3_kuvaVesaLaitinen

        JUICE BREAK Mixed media. Monotypes with old cut & engraved drinking glasses 2021 Photo: Vesa Laitinen      

  • Garland_det-1_photoKirstiTaiviola

        GARLAND MATERIAL: cut & engraved drinking glasses, light 2021 Photos: Vesa Laitinen & Kirsti Taiviola      

  • Flora vitrum _det2_kuvaKirstiTaiviola

        FLORA VITRUM MATERIAL: Monotype. Prints of cut & engraved drinking glasses 2021 Photos: Vesa Laitinen & Kirsti Taiviola    

  • Kuvion anatomia-4_photoVesaLaitinen

        THE ANATOMY OF A PATTERN Installation Reliefs taken of cut & engraved drinking glasses 2021 Photo credits: Vesa Laitinen & Kirsti Taiviola    

  • AOC_sideview_lores

        THE ART OF CRAFTSMANSHIP  Mixed media. Monotypes of cut & engraved drinking glasses h: 80 cm, w: 100cm, d: 6,5cm 2019 Photo: Kirsti Taiviola    

  • Illankehrä_valaisimet_photoKirstiTaiviola

          PÄIVÄNKEHRÄ & ILLANKEHRÄ Bespoke table lamps Hand blown glass,  aspen / birch / oak / ash / alder 2018 – 2021  

  • 180_Days_In_Random_Order_Kirsti_Taiviola

        180 DAYS IN RANDOM ORDER Installation in ”Why Not – Finnish American Glass Art” Exhibition In Nuutajärvi, Finland 31.5.-1.9.2019 Hand blown glass & metal h: 6 m, w: 2 m, d: 0,2m 2019 Photo: Kirsti Taiviola    

  • birdie_photoiiroaahokas

        STUDIES ON WEIGHTLESNESS (Swallow & Birdie) Temporary installation with glass lenses hand blown glass, led light approx. 200 cm x 200 cm 2016

  • suljeovi_photoiiroaahokas

          UP IN THE ATTIC Temporary installations Projections made with hand blown glass lenses & leds. 2016 Photos: Iiro A. Ahokas    


          ECHO, WALL LAMP Wall lamp with textured hand made glass lenses that create unique caustic patterns of light. The lamp fitting is swiveled so the projection can be directed either on the wall, ceiling or on the floor. 2016 Photos: Iiro A. Ahokas  

  • ILLUSIAsuspension

          ILLUSIA Suspension lamp MATERIALS: hand blown glass lens, aluminum, polycarbonate 2011 producer: Cariitti Oy    

  • pandorasbox-series

          PANDORA’S BOX Glass, metal, mdf. Projections made with hand blown glass lenses & leds. 2003/2016    

  • Aarre_photoLiisaValonen

          AARRE Bespoke table lamps Materials: Hand blown glass, aspen 2009    

  • Illusia-wall_photo_Artemide

          ILLUSIA SPOT Wall lamp 2012 Artemide S.p.A.    

  • familyheirlooms

          FAMILY HEIRLOOMS Materials: glass, aspen, light 2011    


          EARTH / AIR / FIRE / WATER / ORIGAMI / AURUM The ceremonial chains & cases for the Deans of Aalto University 1st price in a design competition arranged by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2012 The chains we made in collaboration with goldsmith Anna Heino and  silversmith […]

  • htps_2-det

          HOW TO PRESERVE A SNOWFLAKE I & II Hand blown & engraved crystal, wood, metal, sugar 2014    

  • ancestors_poet

          ANCESTORS I-IV Installation with tailored hand blown glass lenses Pictures from Pyhäniemi 2012 –exhibition in Pyhäniemi Manor, Hollola, Finland 2012    

  • Perpetuum

          PERPETUUM Series of unique vases Hot sculpted glass 2006 SULA design    

  • lanterns2-3_kt

          LANTERNS I-III Mold & free blown glass, salt, wood. Projections made with hand blown glass lenses & leds. Spirit of the material -exhibition in White Box Museum of Art, 798-district, Beijing 2012    

  • Unexamined-all

          UNEXAMINED Mold & free blown glass, metal, plaster, glass sand Projections made with hand blown glass lenses 2011    

  • Fantom-vases

          FANTOM series Vase, lantern & suspension lamp Hand blown glass 2006 SULA design    

  • heavy-chains

          WHITE GOLD -SERIES: Love in motion, Mended piece, Heavy Chains Notes on relationships, porcelain cups and jewelry Porcelain, gold 2010    

  • LightDinner_3

          LIGHT DINNER Installation Porcelain, projections made with hand blown glass lenses & leds 2010