The work reflects on the essence of handcrafted glassmaking and the relationship between an idea and implementation in the design process. 10 Finnish professional glassblowers were asked to realize three objects I designed: a plate, a pitcher and a goblet. Each glassblower received same instructions for the work. Molds were not to be used. The participating glassblowers’ professional profiles & working conditions are different: some work in their own studio, some as glassblowing teachers, some in a glass factory and one is retired. Each person’s working conditions and time at hand determined how much they could to give to the task. One was less busy and could blow a few versions of each object, the other had to make the objects in a one-time attempt. Thus, the present results don’t tell the absolute truth about the persons’ skills. Rather than comparing technical skills, the work aims to highlight the meaning of the maker in the design process and to research the nature of handmade objects.

MATERIAL: free blown glass

IMPLEMENTATION: Alma Jantunen, Johannes Rantasalo, Jaakko Liikanen, Marika Kinnunen, Sara Hulkkonen, Kaappo Lähdesmäki, Antti Torstensson, Tero and Hanna Välimaa, Kari Alakoski, Marja Hepo-Aho


Photo credits: Vesa Laitinen