2.10.17 Kirsti Taiviola’s works are showcased in the recently opened exhibition ”Handmade – Scandinavian Glass Starting All Over”. The exhibition focuses on the future of glass art and its development. Three museums specializing in glass – The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki (FI), The Glass Factory, Boda (SE) and Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (DK), have invited glass artists […]


Visioning Future through Craft and Design

13.9.2017 Kirsti Taiviola’s artwork Pandora’s Box is on show at Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea 13.9. – 22.10.2017. The work is part of the Finnish ”Visioning Future through Craft and Design” -exhibition that highlights Finnish way of renewing everyday aesthetics through unexceptional and courage way of imaging the future through craft and design. […]


Ornamo Art & Design Sale 2017

Ornamo Art & Design Sale 2017 Kirsti Taiviola exhibits her works in The Ornamo Art and Design Sale at Helsinki’s Cable Factory, which is an annual art and design event bringing together buyers and sector professionals looking to acquire artworks for private homes and public spaces. The event showcases a broad range of unique design, […]


Echoes – 100 Years in Finnish Architecture and Design

“Echoes – 100 Years in Finnish Architecture and Design” Taiviola’s Echo wall lamp joins an engaging exploration and aesthetic narrative of Finnish architecture and design, created in honour of Finland’s centenary celebration.The exhibition presents selected, beloved classics of Finnish design and architecture alongside less well-known gems from the beginning of the country’s independence until the […]


Rakenna ja Asu 2017 -fair in Kuopio

Rakenna ja Asu –fair in Kuopio Interior design office Tiina Ruotsi presented Taiviola’s Echo lamps at their stand in Rakenna ja Asu –fair in Kuopio 2017. Rakenna ja Asu –fair is the oldest and largest construction and interior design fair in eastern Finland. 25. – 26.2.2017 Kuopio-hall, Finland. Here and here.


Welcome to Kirsti Taiviola’s new website

In the beginning of something new it’s time to make a quick look into the past and particularly in the previous year 2016, which paved the road we’re walking on now. Kuvajaisia The year 2016 begun with an appetizer of an exhibition that gave a first taste of what was going to come later in […]